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Autofill support



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    Branden Roden (Edited )

    Update: Auto-fill for the iFrame and Express payment forms is supported by most browsers and password managers. 

    Please let us know if this functionality doesn't work as expected and we'd be happy to investigate further.

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    Danae MacLeod (Edited )

    Hi Petar!

    Thanks for posting. I definitely understand how autofill makes it easier for customers to check out on a site that doesn't already have their credit card stored, it's a very useful addition for many businesses!

    We currently do not support Chrome Autofill on our iFrame and Express solutions due to our PCI Compliance restrictions, but, if you were to build out your own custom payment form (using a Spreedly solution other than iFrame/Express), you would be free to develop it to work with Chrome autofill guidelines.

    Let me know if you have additional questions!

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    Todd Derr

    @... we are using the iframe form (v1) and see that the card number gets filled in but none of the other fields (expiration, cvv, name, etc).

    Almost all sites I visit (one example: do fill the expiration and CVV as well as the card number, so this is what I'd expect to happen.  I do have the attributes in my own form tagged with the proper "autocomplete" values per the spec but I suspect it's refusing to cross the iframe boundary, which unfortunately makes me suspect there is no real solution without rearchitecting the whole thing (but I'd be glad to be proven wrong!)

    I don't see any discussion of autocompletion in the docs but I did click through to your sample form and live app and it has the same behavior.

    I hoped the express form would work, but it does not, although I see it still uses iframes for the number and cvv so it's really no different than my own forn.

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    Andrei Vintila

    We are also facing the same issue and we have narrowed it down to IOS Safari autofill is not working.

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